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High Life 7 Ways Babies Are Weirder Than Adults

7 Ways Babies Are Weirder Than Adults

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Babies are the cutest thing in this world. These innocent baby humans can make anyone happy in seconds with the cute sweet little things they do. Although, they are little they possess some qualities which can make you think twice. Yes, they are some weird facts about babies you hardly knew before.

In the womb, babies grow mustaches and then eat them

In pregnancy period’s second trimester all babies grow fine hair on their upper lips. Later these hair spread to the rest of their bodies. According to University of Sydney anthropologist Stephen Juan, these hair called lanugo and they fall out before the baby is born and is reabsorbed (or eaten) by the baby in the womb.

Babies don’t have kneecaps

They don’t have kneecaps and supple bones. The reason why they are so flexible. In fact, they have large sections of cartilage. As they get older, areas of hard bone start to form and eventually around age 10-12 they develop a hard kneecap.

Babies have more bones than adults

The human skeleton is made up of 206 bones but babies have more than 300 bones. While growing, their bones start joining with each other to create bigger bones, particularly in the spine and skull.

Newborn babies don’t shed tears

You may have noticed it, newborn babies never shed tears while crying. They are not able to produce enough extra fluid, while their tear ducts and glands are working. Tears come out when a baby becomes a few weeks or months older.

Even before their birth they develop a sense of taste, but can’t taste salt

The ability to develop taste buds all over their mouths while they are in the womb, allowing them to develop a sense of taste. With the use of these receptors, they can eventually recognize flavors like sweet, sour and bitter. However, they can’t taste salt? The newborns cannot taste saltiness until they are about 4 months old.

Babies can breathe and swallow at the same time

Boss babies, isn’t it! You know babies can breathe and swallow, both at the same time but adults can’t. 

Babies forget most of their first three years of life

A phenomenon, known as “infantile amnesia,” states that babies forget most of their first three years of life. The reason behind this is the sections of the brain that record memory is not fully developed for a baby’s first few years. Do you remember the days when you are a baby who can’t walk and talk? No, right!

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