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7 Ways To Avoid Gaining Weight In the Festive Season

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Onwent of Winer season in India brings along many festivals and with festivals comes the sweet temptations and delicious festive food that we can’t stop helping ourselves with. And probably that’s why I’ve heard many people complain about gaining weight in winters  including myself. So here we have 7 ways to avoid gaining weight in the festive season.

1. Increase your Liquid intake: We tend to drink less of water during winters due to cold and urge to drink warm sugary drinks which play a major factor in those extra gained pounds. Make sure to drink lots of water preferably lukewarm and more of detoxifying drinks such as Green and Herbal teas which are taken without adding sugar.

healthy green tea cup with tea leaves

2. Detox Day: Detox day is a must atleast once in a week. Go on a complete fruit diet for a day every week. It will cleanse your system and detoxify your body, giving rest to your stomach and digestive system. You can also add raw fresh vegetables and fruits juices to this diet, be it carrots, beetroots or oranges.


3. Light Dinners: While we’re enjoying the festivities with street food and sweets make sure you consume such foods during the day and keep it light and simple during the night. Compensate the calories consumed during the day at night by opting for light dinners.

light dinners2

4. Sweet Temptations: It is hard to resist the sweet temptations especially for those who have a sweet tooth as it is generally the first thing you get served by everyone. So take it in small quantities and don’t miss out on Light exercise everyday. Also take in herbs like methi (fenugreek seeds) and cinnamon to control insulin levels.


5. Soups for meals: Soups are a blessing for the season. It can serve as a warm and delicious meal. Have lots of soup be it vegetable or Chicken but make sure to steer clear of the processed soups and eat homecooked soups without adding thickening agents such as cornflour.


6. Healthier Parantha Options: Winters are an ideal season for having indian breads such as Naans and Paranthas. You can too have yourselves servings of paranthas but only made with besan or black chana, soy or wheat bran. These are just a stasty but much more healthy.


7. Salad Meals: Have lots of Salad accompanied with meals during lunch and dinner. Make yourself healthy salads such as chicken and beans salad or fresh fruits and vegetable salad. You can also add nuts but in moderation.


So now you can enjoy the festive season and all of its glory having all your favorite sweets and dishes too but staying fit at the same time as well. 🙂

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