700 Stray Dogs In Karachi Have Been Killed So Far As A Strategy To Save People

Authorities in Karachi have launched an operation to demolish road puppies to maintain a strategic distance from episodes of puppy assaults, reports Reuters. The puppies immediately died after eating poisonous meat lines chicken substances. Several corpses are being discarded by metropolitan laborers. Jinnah Hospital in Karachi had seen 6500 casualties of stray dog assaults a year ago and 3700 cases this year. While animal rights activists in Pakistan have censured this move. measure

dogs brutally killed

A representative of the municipal authority said that – At least 700 dogs have been killed only in two areas of Karachi’s south in the last couple of days.” In the following way, the dead stare dogs were removed –

stray dogs removed

These awful photos just tell the tragic story of the stray dog’s destiny. What ended the powers from taking other, others conscious measures to manage these puppies is something we can’t make sense of. What about a dog sanctuary? Or On the other hand maybe treatment for the puppies?

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