Image Source: Shillong Times

S. Jaishankar, the minister of external affairs for the Union, spoke to the 78th UN General Assembly. He covered a range of topics in his speech, including the G20 presidency of India, respect for territorial integrity, the international order, and other topics.

Jaishankar averred, “we often advocate the promotion of a rules-based order. From time to time, respect for the UN Charter is also invoked. But for all the talk, it is still a few nations who shape the agenda and seek to define the norms. This cannot go on indefinitely. Nor will it go unchallenged.”

He stated coherently that “fair, equitable and democratic order” will establish as, “once we all put our minds to it. And for a start, that means ensuring that rule makers do not subjugate rule takers. After all, rules will work only when they apply equally to all.”

“Political convenience must not determine responses to terrorism, extremism and violence. When reality departs from the rhetoric, we must have the courage to call it out,” Jaishankar added.

Jaishankar had a meeting with Dennis Francis, the president of the UNGA, earlier in the day in New York. On the fringes of the 78th UNGA, he also had a meeting with his colleague Ararat Mirzoyan from Armenia. They both reaffirmed their “strong bilateral relationship.”