Kangana Ranaut Lashes Out On Urmila Matondkar Calling Her A Soft P*rn Star

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is fighting against nepotism and the alleged movie mafias in the bollywood industry. Kangana has targeted Urmila Matondkar,...
Entertainment 8 Biggest Bollywood Controversies Of 2017

8 Biggest Bollywood Controversies Of 2017

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Every year, apart from successful or unsuccessful movies, there are things that we designated as controversies. The charisma or a height of a celebrity is often measured by how big the controversy in which he involved. Bollywood had enough controversies grabbing headlines in 2017. Check out:

1. Mira Rajput’s comment on motherhood

8 Biggest Bollywood Controversies Of 2017

Mira Rajput made a first public appearance without Shahid, but she messed the things when asked to share her experience on motherhood.

Mira had said, “I had a tough pregnancy, I went to those 5 months of difficult times to bring my daughter into this world, in fact, both of us together (Shahid Kapoor and she). So now I want to spend every moment that I can with her. I love being at home, I love being a mother to my child, I wouldn’t want to spend one hour a day with my child and rush off to work, why did I have her? She is not a puppy; I want to be there for her as a mother.”

2. Lipstick under my Burkha

8 Biggest Bollywood Controversies Of 2017

The censor board, once decided to not give a green signal to the film due to its alleged controversial content, sexual scenes and bad language. Former censor board chief Nihlani said: The story is lady oriented and talks about their fantasy. There are continuous sexual scenes, abusive words, audio pornography and a bit sensitive touch about one particular section of society, hence film refused.”

3. Akshay Kumar’s National Award win

8 Biggest Bollywood Controversies Of 2017

This year, Akshay won a national award for Rustom. Many called the decision unfair and biased and Akshay reacted later saying, “I’ve won this after 26 years. If you still feel like, take it back.”

4. Rishi Kapoor comments on Indian Women Cricket Team

8 Biggest Bollywood Controversies Of 2017

Rishi Kapoor wanted to cheer Indian women’s cricket team during the World Cup final so he tweeted a motivational message with the famous shirtless picture of former captain Sourav Ganguly, “Waiting for a repeat of Sourav Ganguly’s act on the balcony of The Lords Ground, London, when India beat England 2002 NatWest series final! YO.”

5. Salman Khan views on War

8 Biggest Bollywood Controversies Of 2017

At the time of Tubelight release, Salman was asked about his opinion on War, the actor quoted as, “What he actually said was “People who order war should be asked to go to war themselves. Take this gun and go to war. (They will realise it) and it will get over in a day. They will tremble and shake and they will eventually take the route of dialogues and discussions.”

His views were misquoted and linked to the current tension between India and Pakistan.

6. Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor

8 Biggest Bollywood Controversies Of 2017

Both were seen smoking on the streets of New York. People started trolling Mahira, very soon, Ranbir came to her rescue and also issued a public statement.

7. Sonu Nigam on Azaan

8 Biggest Bollywood Controversies Of 2017

Singer Sonu Nigam had raised controversy when he slammed out forced religiousness in our country after being woken by Azaan.

“God bless everyone. I’m not a Muslim and I have to be woken up by the Azaan in the morning. When will this forced religiousness end in India?”

8Kangana Ranaut Vs Hrithik Roshan

8 Biggest Bollywood Controversies Of 2017

There were reports that two began dating on the sets of Krrish 3, then broke up and got back again. They targetted each other often, but the truth is still unknown.

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