8 months in prison to Adamo Canto for stealing from Buckingham Palace


Adamo Canto (37) is for a long time in prison. The Buckingham Palace employee tried to sell items belonging to Queen Elizabeth (94) via Ebay, but was caught by British police. As punishment, he is imprisoned for eight months.

Adamo Canto

There is a lot of valuable items in Buckingham Palace and Adamo tried to sell it on Ebay. Unfortunately for the greedy 37-year-old, was caught. Adamo worked in the palace catering and managed to steal between £ 10 and £ 100,000 worth of goods. It would be medals, photo books and other royal items. Adamo was able to resell 37 items ‘well below their value’, according to the British police report. That earned him just under 8,600 pounds. The rest of the stolen items were found at his home above the palace’s horse stables.

The BBC reports that the coronavirus has changed Adamo’s duties. Recently, he worked more often as a cleaner, which gave him access to areas where he otherwise would not have gone. For example, he received a photo of the state banquet of Queen Elizabeth and Donald Trump, as well as signed photos of Prince Harry, Prince William and his wife Kate. In addition, he stole an additional 77 items from the souvenir shop and raided other employees’ lockers.

If Adamo wants to earn some extra money, he might be able to call the makers of The Crown. The Netflix series is under fire because a lot of it would be wrong. That is why there is a call for a warning, making it clear that it is a fictional series. In the video below you can see why some even think that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson should intervene.