Kangana Ranaut Shows Wrath On Hathras Gang Rape

Kangana Ranaut gets furious after hearing about Hathrus gang rape of 19 years old girl. And said, "Shoot these rapists publicly".
Entertainment 8 Most Superstitious Bollywood Superstars

8 Most Superstitious Bollywood Superstars

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Are you superstitious? Maybe! But these Bollywood superstars are definitely. Yes, we will tell you about 8 Bollywood superstars who believe in superstition and do their every work after consulting an astrologer. Check out the list:

Amitabh Bachchan

He accepted that he is superstitious. It is said that when Amitabh was facing bad time in his career, someone advised him to wear blue sapphire pearl. He believes that after wearing that ring his career returned to the track.

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Akshay Kumar

He always goes outside India whenever his any film releases. He believes that whenever he was presented in India during the time of his film release, they went flop.

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Aamir Khan

He releases his films at the end of the year, mainly December, as he believes this time of the year brings luck to him.

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Salman Khan

He wears a bracelet in his hand which is embedded with a stone turquoise. He believes that bracelet is his Good Luck charm. This bracelet is gifted by his father Salim Khan to him.

Shah Rukh Khan

He believes that numberĀ 555 is very lucky for him. This number is at every car of him. Not only this, but his mobile number’s last 3 digits are also 555.

Sanjay Dutt

He thinks number 9 is lucky for him. So he keeps vehicles which include number 9 or sum of number 9 like 4545 or 5454 in them.

Hrithik Roshan

He always tastes a spoon of sugar and curd before traveling in a plane. He also believes that alphabet ‘K’ is lucky for him. Their film production company produces most of the films having titles starting with ‘K’.

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Ranbir Kapoor

He believes number 8 as his lucky number.

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