8 Photos That Evoke A Variety Of Emotions

Sometimes, it feels that the Internet is endless. As soon as we begin to come to the conclusion that we have already seen everything and nothing will surprise me anymore, we immediately find something interesting … Today I have prepared for you a series of photos that evoke a variety of emotions.

Scarecrow bush

Unusual Photos

I’ve always enjoyed watching gardeners cut bushes. It turns out such perfectly even figures. But this photo raises questions. Do you think it was done on purpose or nature itself decided to create a bush of such an interesting shape?

Twin sisters married twin brothers and had children at the same time.

Twins Couple

This story is more like the plot of some comedy series. But sometimes life twists plots more abruptly than any screenwriter. So, brothers, Josh and Jeremy met sisters Brittany and Briana… Guess where? Correctly! At the Twins Festival. This annual festival takes place in the city of Twinsburg, whose name translates as “city of twins”. Young people quickly realized that they were perfect for each other and in 2018 decided to tie the knot (of course, the wedding was double). And a couple of years later, the sisters became pregnant almost at the same time and they had boys. And I was not even surprised that this double family lives in the same house and is not going to leave.

Penguin Feather Density

Penguin feathers

The first time I looked at this photo, I thought it was blackened moss. But no. This is the skin of an emperor penguin. It is believed that the Emperor penguin has the highest density of feathers of all birds (data vary from 15 to 40 feathers per 1 sq. cm). Such thick feathers (do they even say that about feathers??) allow the penguin to maintain a constant body temperature (about 38 degrees) both on the frosty ground and in icy water.

Shark Brain And Dolphin Brain

Dolphin Brain

This photo came across to me quite often. But only today do I realize that this is a comparison of the brain of a shark and a dolphin! Just look at the difference! Given that dolphins are smaller than sharks. Now I understand why dolphins are considered so smart.

Deformation of the iris


This photo is the result of an accident. The man went to the hospital complaining of poor vision and pain. Just look at what the optometrist saw when they looked at the eye. It turned out that the man accidentally hit his eye with a rubber cable, from which the iris of his eye split.


Anastasia Pokrishchuk

The photo shows blogger Anastasia Pokrishchuk. The girl participated in several TV shows and actively maintains her social networks. Anastasia has been “improving” her appearance for several years and is not going to stop there. To be honest, when I first saw her Anastasia, I got the impression that she was doing this to attract attention and create a general resonance. However, I soon came across an article about dysmorphia. Dysmorphia is a mental disorder in which a person is constantly dissatisfied with his appearance and strives to improve himself with the help of plastic surgery. Therefore, I think it is not worth judging a person who does not realize himself.


Deep-sea fish are the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. They seem to draw all the monsters from horror films. Before you is a deep-sea predatory fish called Gigantura. It has a wide, toothy mouth and can swallow prey larger than itself.