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High Life 8 Reasons why you totally need to visit Europe in your 20's

8 Reasons why you totally need to visit Europe in your 20’s

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“If travelling was free, you’d never see me again.”
Twenties is the age of learning, discovering new things, self-exploration and deciding what we want to do with our lives. It is during this time that we learn how to live life.

Back-packing in Europe is one of the most fulfilling and satisfying experiences ever. You visit some of the quaintest places on Earth, meet different people, share your stories and make good friends. And if you’re lucky, fall in love with a firang too. You can do everything in this age that you can’t do later once you’re older and grumpier so what are you waiting for?

Here are 9 convincing reasons why you should take the Euro trip now rather than later:

1. It’s The Holy Grail For Partying, Be It Ibiza Or Barcelona:
Europe has one of the most fashionable nightlife and it isn’t just restricted to France, Italy, Spain and the UK. Drown your sorrows; drink like there’s no tomorrow and make mistakes, because life is all about experiences.

2. The Music And The Culture Of Contemporary Europe Will Make You Forget Everything:
It will help you get in touch with your inner-self. The continent holds some of the most amazing music festivals and numerous other fests that combine the culture and tradition of medieval Europe. The erotic experience of the sun going down on Venice cannot be compared with anything else. And if you are not the artsy type then you can look forward to the Oktoberfest in Munich.

3. It Brings Out The Uninhibited You:
Be it club-trotting in Amsterdam or the impromptu euro-rail trip, the atmosphere brings out the traveler in you. You will never feel alone in your adventures because there are plenty of souls just like you getting lost in the wilderness.

4. It Actually Imbibes A Sense Of Responsibility In You:

You learn to take care of yourself and appreciate the smaller things like a clean, comfy bed or a well-cooked meal. You also learn to prioritize and become a bargain–hunter; one of the most essential life hacks you can ever learn.

5. Because There Is Nothing Better Than A Bordeaux Wine With Some Cheese:
Wine they say is bottled poetry. If you appreciate good wine then you will be completely blown away with the subtlety of Bordeaux. Bordeaux wine along with some cheese is the closest thing to tasting heaven on earth.

6. The Food Will Give You Instant Taste-Bud Orgasm:
Pastries, waffles, macarons, tarts, croissant and Belgian chocolates are just some of the delicacies which make for sumptuous evening treats. If you appreciate good food then Europe is full of surprises.

7. It Is One Of The Best Places For Self-Discovery:
Walking down those dense forests, gentle meadows, picturesque vineyards and scented fields you learn to appreciate the nature in all its forms and glory. You understand the significance of protecting your joy and living life on your own terms.

8. Because You Don’t Have To Be 25 To Grab A Drink With Your Friends:
Fret not because from mild beers to absinthe — everything is legal in Europe. Be it the Shroomies in Belgium or the Heineken factory in Amsterdam, you can experience it all at the next neighbourhood store without any hassles.

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