If there ever was a cliche, it is of the coy Indian bride doing all the politically correct things at her wedding. But what are they REALLY thinking behind those sugary smiles and the customary thank yous? We give you an insight into an Indian brides head.

Just for fun

1. What they say: So happy you could make it to the wedding, Aunty”

What they mean: 12. What they say: Oh how sweet! A Mixie for my wedding gift”

What they mean:


3. What they say: Main vachan deti hoo ki…”

What they mean:


4.  What they say: Yes Honey, ofcourse your sherwani matches your shoes!

What they mean:


5.  What they say: Wow baby, what a pretty ring!

What they mean:


6. Scenario: Random kids blocking the stage area

What they say: “Ooh! such cute kids, whose are they?”

What they mean:


7. What they say: “Hi Reema, so pretty…is that a Sabyasachi lehenga?”

What they mean:


8. What they say: “Oh this? It’s a Manish!”

What they mean: