8 Things That You Can Relate To If You Were Brought Up By An Indian Father

If you have an amazing father like mine, you realize how incredibly fortunate you are.

He’s always been there for me, always has been.

1. You can comfortably pass on the ‘NOT SO TASTY’ food items in his plate and he’ll finish it before mom enters.

2. You can go to him and plead for anything, if mom says NO: shopping, trips, etc.

Praying Boy 03

3. Petrol tank of your scooty/bike refilled by him. All the time, no exceptions.

4. Ice cream parlours/chaat counters over temples with him.


5. Putting on the ‘BROWN COVERS’ on the books, each year before the school re-opened.

2 endpaper
6. Goes to the vegetable market for grocery shopping and buys ridiculous amounts of vegetables which makes mom mad.

Portrait of woman yelling and pointing

7. You are not allowed to touch the remote control during THE BUDGET.

A woman pointing a remote control

8. He completed all your assignments in school.


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