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News 8-Year-Old Daily Wage Worker Dies Of Hunger After Lockdown In Bihar

8-Year-Old Daily Wage Worker Dies Of Hunger After Lockdown In Bihar

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With the positive points of lockdown, there is also a dark side which we can’t ignore. While the government is leaving no stone unturned to help poor people in this situation, but because of no work, an 8-year-old kid in Bihar’s Arrah died of hunger. Reported by The Wire.

kid dies of hunger in bihar

The kid, named Rakesh is identified as a rag-picker and used to sell junk to make money. On the other hand, his father was a porter. The lockdown nationwide led to stop all the work which also stopped people from getting a daily wage.

Rakesh’s mother, Sonamati Devi told, the night the lockdown was announced, her son had a roti. After this, there was nothing to eat. Soon, the child had a fever and diarrhea when he has taken to a nearby hospital. The doctors prescribed them certain medicines but by the time they could arrange any money to buy the medicines, Rakesh said bye to life.

After his death, the family waited for the help of the authorities. Uncertainly, that could not happen and they took the body on a cart to be cremated.

We request all our readers to help others in need in any possible way. Whether its a human or an animal, do it for humanity so we all can survive this bad time to see a good future.

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