Salman Khan Already Shot The Grand Premiere Of Big Boss-14

Salman Khan, the host of the show has shot the grand premiere. This time the contestants will enter directly.
Infotainment 9 Dangerous Things , Which Were Legal in History

9 Dangerous Things , Which Were Legal in History

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Don’t think that the most dangerous things are occurring in today’s era because there are some certain things which were harmful and dangerous but legal in history. So in this article, we will discuss the nine most dangerous things of history which were legal that time.

#9.Cocaine Treatment– 100 years ago cocaine was not considered as dangerous as now. It was even used as medicine and it was available at the medical stores. People could buy it even without the prescription of the doctor. It was used for the treatment of a cough and dental ailments. Moreover, it was given to children as a painkiller.

#8 Sending Kids Through Mail-In the initial times of 20th Century, American people used to send their children by mail and was not an illegal- practice. They had to pay 15 cents to mail their children. Basically, they used a stamp which was attached to the clothes of the child in which all the information related to a child was attached. In this way, the sent child used to reach the destination.

#7Kids Cage-During 1930’s the use of kids cage was a common thing in British families. They considered it good for their child to take fresh air. Women used to put their children into the cage when they were busy in household works. But doctors never prescribed that.


#6 Doubtful Treatment Methods– In Bygone era doctors used strange treatments for patients such as Bloodletting, Lobotomy(surgery of the brain), electric shock treatment and Leech Treatment etc. These harmful things were legal for doctors at that time.


#Radioactive Toys– In 1950’s radiations were considered safe and the Children used to play with atomic toys. Further, radium was used in the making of wrist watches and many workers were died because of cancer. Because while painting the radium in watches they had to set their brush with mouth due to this reason in 300gm of radium entered in their body in 1 year.


#4 Human Zoos– Human Zoos were opened to show the Asian and African Tribes. Basically, these zoos were opened to prove Darwin’s Theory. These types of zoos were available at Paris and London also.

#3 Mental Hospital or Amusement park– In the Bygone era, doctors made the mental hospitals as amusement park because people liked to see unusual things of mentally ill people. This was done only to earn profit or money.

#2 Body parts collection– Yes this is the breathtaking truth of history that the collection of human body parts were legal that time. It was a common thing among people to collect human body parts at their homes. For eg- During Second World war  Americans soldiers used to keep the skull of the Japanese soldiers after killing them. They considered it as a sign of their bravery.

#1 Smoking during pregnancy due to prescriptions of doctor– Today we all know the smoking is injurious to health and we find these types of banners everywhere. But before 70 years American doctors prescribed smoking to the patients for the treatment of constipation and during pregnancy also.

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