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Trending 9 DIY Tricks To Make State Of The Art Home Decor Products

9 DIY Tricks To Make State Of The Art Home Decor Products

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Its that of the year when we want to shine up our homes and get them all ready for friends  and even ourselves before the Festive seasons hits. But wait! Urban Home decor items can sometimes burn a big hole in the pocket and especially when you’ve got so much on the plate to spend on. Cheer Up because you can always put some old things to new uses. 9 DIY Tricks to make state of the art home decor products.

1. A Wooden Ladder Photo Frame


Make an earthy simple and chic multiple photo frame using an old wooden ladder. All you’ll need is a thick string to hang all the pictures with.

2. Liqour Bottle Soap Dispenser


Use liquour bottles (Obviously empty ones) as classy soap dispensers just by changing the cap with a screw-pump cap.

3. Hanger Magazine Stands


Extra hangers from your wardrobes can be put to great use by making them magazine hangers.

4. Perfume Bottle Flower Vase


No transformation needed. Just empty the perfume bottle, clean it thoroughly and use it as a Flower Vase.

5. Awesome Flower Pots


You can use tea cups or even plastic bottles as plant holders or plant pots in your courtyard or even line them by your window pane.


6. Recycle Old Bras Into Plant/Flower Stands


Don’t throw out your old bras while you can use them as plant/flower holders.

7. Cell Phone Holder


Turn an empty bottle of lotion into a useful cell phone holder. You can also decorate it using masking tape and paints.

8. Use Light Bulbs as suspended Plant Holders

decor-plantsin bulbs

Old transparent glass light bulbs can be used as suspendable Plant Holders. These look super cute and very chic and creative.

9. Wine Glass Candle Stand


You can use old wine glasses as candle stands for an in house romantic candle lit dinner. Use the glasses upright or inverted both look great.


10. Lego Block Tissue Holder


If you happen to have saved old lego blocks then you put them to more than one wonderful uses. Create your own Lego Blocks tissue box.

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