9 films that are proof of how much a film changes when it is released in different countries

Whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood, film makers are excited to take their best films to the audiences of other countries. But many times while dubbing these films, changes are made in their scenes or dialogues according to the target audience. Due to this, many times the audience misses some of the best part of the movie, that is, some viewers are deprived of watching its real version.

So let’s see some scenes of some similar films of the country and the world, in which similar changes were made.

Guardians of the Galaxy

In one scene of this film, a cute character named Groot introduces himself. In its 15 versions – ‘Main Hoon Groot’ was dubbed. The special thing is that it was shown by Hollywood actor Vin Diesel in a show by speaking in many languages ​​without any professional training.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Some scenes of actor Yun-Fat Chow were removed from the Chinese version. The reason was the bitterness in his relations with China. The political career of actor Yun-Fat Chow, who belongs to Hong Kong, was also the reason for this. That’s why scissors were used on one of his poems and scenes.


In a scene in this film, he is introduced through photos of Lincoln. The script for the Japanese version was written by Steven Spielberg himself and described Lincoln’s character in detail.

The Wolf of Wall Street

The word F***K was used several times in this Martin Scorsese movie. So when it was released in the UAE, the wording was dropped and the length of the film was reduced by 45 minutes.

Pulp Fiction

This movie became a victim of cultural difference. As much class action was shown in its real version, it was kept quite low while dubbing in UAE. Due to this, people of UAE may have liked this film, but whoever has seen this movie will know what these people have missed.


This film proved to be a blockbuster all over the world. But when it was introduced in China, a scene in which Leonardo Dicaprio is painting his Kate Winslet painting was blurred out. He had an objection to this scene.

Iron Man 3

When DMG Entertainment released it in China, it was 4 minutes longer than the real movie. In one of its scenes, the beauty of many China and a Mongolian dairy product was shown.

Deadpool 2

The real trailer of this film did not become as popular in India as its Hindi version. Seeing this, it must have come out of every Indian’s mouth- Do dubbing dude?


When this James Bond series film was released in India, many of its scenes were objected to by the Indian Censor Board. This is the reason why he used scissors on the kissing scenes of Bond and his co-star in Specter.