News Technology 9 Facts About Swift Language Of Apple, Make A Use Of It.

9 Facts About Swift Language Of Apple, Make A Use Of It.

After Craig Federighi presented the programming language Swift, which brought a new revolution as apple didn’t launched new products but presented a new programming language. Soon, after Swift got launched a new era begun. Here are 10 very interesting facts about it.

1. It took 20 years for a new programming language, why?
Swift supposing combines the best parts of C and Objective C without compatibility constraints and provides new features.

2. Which iOS and OS versions supported by Swift?
It can be used for products with iOS7 and OSX 10.9 and higher.

3. How and when can you use swift?
You can use Swift from right now. According to Apple you can submit your Swift apps into app-stores in the fall of this year.

4. Benefits Swift Offer?
• Code built with Swift shows better performance.
• It is an up-to-date programming language that helps you develop software faster compared to Objective C.

5. What is new in Swift?
• Supporting many new modern programming languages
• Many sources for bugs, crashes and memory issues have been resolved.

6. Can you use Swift and Objective C at the same time in one project?
When you consider some rules, you can use Swift and Objective C in parallel.

7. How do I migrate from Objective C to Swift?
With XCode the IDE remains the same. The migration needs some customizations within the Toolchain.

8. Is it worth adapting parts of existing apps to Swift?
If you are planning further development it makes sense. Also if the performance of the existing app is a problem it is worth a try.

9. Will Swift complement or replace Objective C?
Swift will replace Objective C sooner or later.

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