When we imagine a world without our phones, we picture an apocalyptic world full of utter chaos. Ok Ok, maybe that is a bit extereme. Even if we are nothing without google, think about all the drama we would avoid if we stay away from these services, especially our romantic lives?

Check out these signs to see whether smartphones are sabotaging your love life:
1. You waste your precious time stalking your Ex or a Crush.


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Nothing good can ever come from scrolling through your ex’s recent photos from Manali (OMG, who is that girl beside him?!). The same goes for a crush.

2. You give more time to your phone than your partner.

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Do you check your facebook more times a day than talk to your partner? Like you were too busy updating your status about the amazing food rather than enjoying the actual date.

3. You are constantly worried that your personal photos and chats will go viral

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Well, I guess this is a legitimate concern, because how secure can your phone actually be? But if this is causing too much stress, then its time for you to stop sending such texts and clicking such pictures.

4. You start becoming technologically clingy

A couple standing back to back text messaging, rather than talking.
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I messaged you at 9:27 a.m. and now its 9:30 a.m – why have you not replied? I know you saw it because it has a blue double tick. Are you mad at me? HELLO?!

5. Planning to meet takes FOREVER

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A simple, “where do you want to meet?” turns into a daylong messaging extravaganza of back and forth nonsense. Then you spend a solid hour on Zomato checking each restuarant’s stars.

6. Your facebook gives you anxiety

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When did everyone start getting engaged? And married? And starting families? And am I the only one who didn’t get roses this Valentine’s Day? If all of this is getting to you and you start doubting your relationship, then maybe it is time to take a break from social media.

7. You spend hours deciphering messages

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In all seriousness, there should be a Google Translator especially for texts that consist only “hey”, “sup”, “;)” or any text with emojis. You could be in a relationship for a year and still misunderstand the tone of a message, like sending “k.” (Also, can we please all agree not to send that? It ALWAYS annoys the other person).

8. You take care which form of social media is appropriate at a particular stage in your relationship

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Great first meeting… now what? Should I wait for them to text me? Should I wait an hour to text them? WAIT, they just texted me. When can I add them on Facebook? Urggghhh, this is hard.
Even if you could relate to a few of those, its time to take a step away from your smartphone. To be fair, smartphones do not always mess up love lives. Lots of people find their ONE on dating webites. Just make sure you are having more face to face interaction with this person and not the screen.

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