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Entertainment Remember This Villain of 90s? He Was Diagnosed With 3 Deadly Diseases, Last...

Remember This Villain of 90s? He Was Diagnosed With 3 Deadly Diseases, Last Days of Life Were Worst

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Rami Reddy is known for his cruel roles in the film. His roles as Colonel Chikara in 1993 film Ye Waqt Hamara Hai and Anna in Pratibandh are still remembered among fans. He did about 250 films. However, Rami Reddy started suffering from liver ailments that made him severely ill.

Due to the illness of Liver, Rami spent much of his time at home and gradually he started avoiding going to the public. However, once he was seen in an event, where he was hard to figure out. In fact, Rami got weaker and lean and thin during that time. Nobody was believing that he was the same man who portrayed the role of cruel villain in the films. 

After liver ailment, he was diagnosed with kidney failure. This made him looked like a bunch of bones. He became weakest and thinnest. Reportedly he also had cancer. After spending a few days in the hospital on April 14, 2011, at the age of 52 he left this world forever. He has one daughter and two sons.

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