India 95 Years Old Woke Up at His Own Funeral And Made Everyone...

95 Years Old Woke Up at His Own Funeral And Made Everyone Shock!

As often we heard about strange things happening in the world. But this one will leave you in a state of shock! You won’t believe that in a shocking incident, a man who aged nearly 95 years old left his family shocked when he woke up at his own funeral saying he was just taking a nap.

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According to various reports, a man named Budh Ram from Rajasthan, India, stunned everyone after he declared dead by the doctor but even then woke up from his death bed. Actually, a doctor had told the family that Budh Ram was dead after he fainted in his home.

He was declared dead on Saturday and a priest was summoned to the home to perform the pensioner’s last rites. The eldest son of the Budh Ram, Balu Ram, told the media that his family was preparing the customary bath to clean the dead body before the funeral when his father started shivering and when water was poured on his chest, the family were shocked to see him shakin. They took Budh Ram immediately to the bed after seeing that, after that, Budh Ram took a long breathe and slowly opened his eyes.

As per the reports, Budh Ram sat up and told his grieving relatives that he had pain in his chest so he decided to take a nap but lost consciousness. This made family confused and they took him to the doctor where he declared him dead but he was actually alive!

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