You know it’s not films that inspire us only. The real-life stories are far more inspirational and made us believe that impossible is possible too. One of such stories belongs to Nihari Mandali. She is 31 years old now, but when she was 20 years old, her parents have chosen a husband for her, she did not know him.

The marriage rituals were done and the couple spent their wedding night, which turned out a nightmare for her. Her husband paid her Rs 100 after that night and said this is what she worthed. She felt like she was a prostitute. Nihari’s husband used to abuse her physically, psychologically and sexually. 

If he was too lazy to go to the bathroom, he used a container next to the bed as a toilet. Neehaari Mandali then had to clean it. She wanted to get a rid off from her husband so she reached her parents and said that she doesn’t want to live with him but they taught her the lesson of compromises. They told her one must make compromises, especially as a woman.

Nihari’s bad luck continued and she got pregnant with two months. She never wanted that baby as she scared about her baby’s future, especially if she will be a girl child. Unable to bear the harassment, she doused herself with kerosene and was in flames in a matter of seconds. She got 90% burns, survived but lost her baby following burn injuries.

It took nine different surgeries, months of hospitalisation, and lots of courage for the now 28-year-old to fight her own battle. Now she works as a receptionist in a plastic surgery clinic runs by
DR.Hari Kiran Chekuri, her surgeon who treated her free of cost. Nihari also runs an NGO with the help of doctor Hari Kiran known as  “BURN SURVIVOR TRUST”. This aims to make the burn survivors physically and mentally perfect in their condition and to make believe in themselves that they still have their own beautiful life and to make them independent.

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