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News A Cat Tested Positive For Coronavirus In Belgium, Becomes First Feline To...

A Cat Tested Positive For Coronavirus In Belgium, Becomes First Feline To Be Infected

There is no proof that animals can spread or have the risk of Covid-19. Now, the news is coming from Belgium that a cat contracted the infection from its human friend. After the tests, the kitten found to be corona positive.


According to the Huffingtonpost, the cat has moderate symptoms of Covid-19 which include difficulty in breathing. She also had diarrhea after which, the researchers found the novel coronavirus in her feces.

Virologist Steven Van Gucht said during a Federal Public Service Health press conference held on Friday-

“Recently, the veterinary medicine faculty in Liège reported that a coronavirus infection has been determined in a cat. The cat lived with her owner, who started showing symptoms of the virus a week before the cat did.”

This case is only about Human-to-animal transmission, not vice versa. Also, this isn’t common and the risk of animal-to-human transmission is very small.


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