How will you react if you see a group of people cycling down the lane towards you, and then when they pass by, you realize they all were cycling naked!!

This was a recent event witnessed by the residents of Newcastle. This time, Newcastle took part in the event with people riding through the city centre with nothing but just their helmets on display. People cycled for various reasons – to promote safer cycling, in protest at climate change, or to make drivers more aware of their existence.

naked ride

John Cossham, who has completed 15 naked bike rides over ten years, was acting as the steward for the group. He said: “If we call this a fancy dress bike ride, no one will take notice. But if we call it a naked bike ride it gets people’s attention.”

“When you are naked you feel vulnerable and it is saying we, as cyclists, are this vulnerable.”

“We are equal when we are naked. You can’t tell who is on £3,000 a year and who is on £25,000 a year. You can’t tell if someone is a judge or if they have just come out of prison.”

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“I have been a cyclist since 1971, I love my bike and I lead a low carbon lifestyle. I don’t have a car. I think carefully about my carbon footprint.”

“It is the best way to get around. I have got good legs, a good heart and I exercise regularly.”

“We need safer roads. We need a metre between a cyclist and a car. People will see me coming if I am naked why can’t they see me when I have my hi viz on?”

newcastle naked people

Bike ride started at 1:45 P.M. The cyclists cycled through the Newcastle’s city centre to the Quayside where they finished at the iconic Millennium Bridge. A two-minute silence was maintained at the Bigg market, with cyclist’s heads down, as if they are looking down upon a cyclist killed in a road accident

Mark Hurrell, 43, from South Shields, South Tyneside, is the lead organiser for the Newcastle/Gateshead world naked bike ride.Mark said: “This is the first time it has been done in Newcastle. It’s important as we need to make a call for safer cycling conditions.”

bike ride naked
naked ride on cycle

“It’s bare as your dare, it is completely legal. I hope it will make a difference. Even if just one driver gives a cyclist just a little more space then we have done a good job.”

Well it seems not only Newcastle, but the whole world has something to learn from this !!

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