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A Cricket Match Turned Into An Ugly Brawl Player Banned For Life

Bermuda: A cricket match turned into an ugly brawl at he St. Davis Cricket club when Jason andersen attacked George O’Brien which got the player banned for life.

Playing for Cleveland County Cricket Club, Anderson launched a brutal assault on Willow Cuts Cricket Club batsman George O’Brien while wicket-keeping during the Champion of Champions final at the St David’s Cricket Club Ground 10 days ago.

The fight got totally out of hand when Andersen tackled O’Brien to the ground and went even as far as kicking him. While Anderson was banned for life, O’Brien was barred for a “period sufficient to include 6 Logic 50 over matches”.

Watch Cricketers get into an ugly Brawl at Cricket Club in Bermuda

Cleveland captain Allan Douglas, speaking after the game, said he did not know specifically what led to the horrific scenes.

Not so much of a Gentleman’s game anymore? Is it?

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