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A Family Boycotts by Kerela Mosque For ‘Letting Women Pose For Pics And Sing’ at Wedding




In a piece of surprising news from South India’s Kerala state, a family gets boycotted by a mosque and the reason is shocking. Their crime was they let women posing for photos and singing at a wedding. The men of Aloor Mosque committee in Palakkad’s Thrithala village boycotted the family as they found the idea unacceptable. According to them, women are not allowed to have fun at the wedding.

The family which is affected by this boycott belongs to Danish Riyaz. According to the reports, the family hosted a wedding reception where women sang and posed for photographs. This against their mosque rules, as claimed by the Aloor Mosque committee.

This committee has very strict rules apart from the above mentioned. Women are allowed to speak on microphone only to give blessings to the couple and in order to entertain the guests, one needs to arrange a two-piece orchestra. Only children arere allowed to dance on the stage.

Now, the committee members have stopped collecting a monthly fee of Rs 100, for the upkeep of the mosque, from Danish’s family. This amount is usually collected from every Muslim household by Mosque committee members. Further, the family has also been disallowed from entertaining the Ustads of the mosque for lunch, a practice held every three months.

To end the ban on them, Danish and his family have taken full responsibility for the wedding reception, stating that his family was not aware of the arrangements. However, a committee member of the Aloor Mosque Azeez told the media that there is no such ban on the family.

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