News A Female Passenger Got Direct Help From Railway Minister Through Twitter

A Female Passenger Got Direct Help From Railway Minister Through Twitter

What would you do if you were a woman travelling alone in a train and were scared of a male passenger? Would you ignore your instincts, like most of us do? Or would take immediate action like this one woman travelling alone in an outstation train in Maharashtra did?

 Namrata Mahajan, sought immediate direct help from none other than the Railway Minister as she was feeling scared of a male passenger!


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On thursday evening, she was travelling alone in a train while passing Shegaon station and felt frightened of a male passenger who seemed indecent in language and behaviour, travelling along.

Namrata took action and Tweeted about the Situation to the Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu


The Central Railway chief PRO, Narendra Patil told that a senior officer named Ved Prakash, noticed that tweet and contacted him to help the woman.

Soon, she wasked about her Details so Help could reach her ASAP

And Quite Quickly the Railway Ministry Responded to her:

After the whole incident came to light, Twitterati Praised the Railway Ministry for its quick action and Help..

Applause and Kudos to Suresh Prabhu! 😀

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