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High Life A Column On How Corona Lockdown Helped Mother Earth To Heal

A Column On How Corona Lockdown Helped Mother Earth To Heal

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It’s raining so often these days, summers are quite soft as compared to the previous history and the sky is more clear. Have you ever set in your balcony and thought of the positive effects of this much-hated lockdown? Well, let’s cover our topic of the day. Today is the world environment day and the whole world is after shouting their love towards nature. This article contains some information and thoughts that you may feel offensive but still, it’s all true.

A few months ago, after the coronavirus hit the country, the government-imposed lockdown and people forced to stay inside their houses. While all were bragging about their routines and their household works on their so-called virtual world The Social Media, there was happening something miraculous with our mother earth the real world. The earth started to breathe fresh air, the hole in the heart of nature, the Ozone hole started to pore. Wildlife started to move freely in the lap of nature without fearing humans. Leaving the conflicts of environment, we will not discuss the issues but the positive sides of this lockdown on our earth in sequence.

Reduced Chemicals Pollution And Healing Ozone

Reduced emission of harmful chemicals called ozone depletion substances (ODS) caused positive air circulation to have been created all over the world, which also has an effect on the part of the atmosphere above Antarctica. This information has been revealed in research published in Nature Research. The erosion of the strong winds which used to form over Antarctica in the South Pole has also stopped and started going in the opposite direction.

Reduced Air Pollution

The wind has also started to clear due to stalled construction works. Construction works also contribute significantly to air pollution. Apart from this, the noise of vehicles has effectively reduced noise pollution.

Lesser Litter And Food Waste

Let’s talk about the reality of our country. We all know that a vast population of India is poor and lives on a daily wage. My point is that before lockdown there used to be a lot of food waste from shops, restaurants, and other occasions. But now as a fear of facing the lack of food, both the people and the government are focusing on saving the eatables and adopting the natural ways because there is not much of it available. The food that used to be in garbage someday, is now satiating someone’s hunger.

An aerial view of Dader T T circle road during nation-wide lockdown in wake of coronavirus pandemic, in Mumbai. (PTI Photo/Shashank Parade)

In conclusion, I think we should focus on the rocketing nature problems and can help mother nature to breathe like it was before. We should stop the overconsumption of natural resources and wildlife for some time so we can witness the good change which will contribute for our upcoming generations. In a nutshell, we could see the long-lasting positive environmental change after the pandemic but it is worth focusing that what if we can take this further.

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