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News A Group Has Set A Plot To Kill PM Modi For Demontization!...

A Group Has Set A Plot To Kill PM Modi For Demontization! Police Officials Also Received A Call For The Same

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PM Modi is receiving a lot of threats to life since the time he has announced this demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. It has been observed on the social media how terrorists and mafia are threatening the PM since their black money dealings have stopped. Now, there is someone who has actually made a plot to kill the PM. Yes, couple of days back Delhi police received a call with regards to a plot made for killing PM Modi.

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Although the investigation hasn’t come up with anything alarming, police suspect that this incident might be a hoax; nothing is confirmed yet. However, police can’t take chances because PM himself talked about threat to his life while addressing the rally at Goa. Police received a call from a resident of Burari, Dinesh Kumar, at around 11.30 PM on Wednesday. The caller claimed that he heard some people talking about killing the PM. Moreover, the location was traced to Dilshad Colony.


When police officials tracked and visited the location, there was no one. They traced Kumar and interrogated him. However, Kumar sent that his SIM card was with a relative. Now, when they questioned his relative, he said that he had lent his SIM card to a stranger outside the eatery, to make an urgent call. This version was confirmed by the owner of the eatery. Then, finally the police caught the person who actually made a call and informed them. However, the plotters couldn’t be found. Stay tuned for further updates.

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