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A Guy Let A Thief Steal His Phone To Know What He Do With It, End Up Making A Documentary On It

Phone theft is something which leaves us baffled not for just the fact that we lost a costly thing, but the fact that we loose a lot of personal data including photos, videos, important emails, contacts, messages. The thing which is more terrifying is that we don’t know what the hell the thief could make use of all that.

guy let a thief steal his phone and makes a documentary on it

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A film student from Netherlands, Anthony van der Meer reminded us that revenge is sweet. Van De Meer lets his phone stolen after installing a secret spyware and tracks the thief to know what kind of use he/she is getting out of it.

Anthony then recorded photos, audios and videos from the phone and made a 20 minute long short film on it which is very interesting.

Watchout the video here :

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