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A Letter From Ravana To Fellow Indians

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Dear Fellow Indians,

Once again, the festival of Dussehra is here to remind us of the auspicious victory of Lord Rama over Me, the ten-headed Demon King Ravana, For I cunningly abducted his wife Sita while they were on an exile.


You celebrate Dussehra also known as Vijyadashmi, every year on the tenth day of Navratri or the tenth Lunar day according to the Hindu calender to remind your generations that Good always wins over evil at some point. In wake of this wise thought and teaching you burn paper scultures made to look like me to signify the empowerment of Humanity over Cruelty, Forgiveness over Ego, Peace over Anger, Humility over Pride.

As Ravana the most powerful and undisputable King of Lanka I was arrogant and aggressive. Being a Good ruler to my kingdom and always putting my people of Lanka before, less did I knew that one big mistake could bring my character’s downfall. Being angered and spiteful after Rama’s brother Lakshman cut my sister Surpanakha’s nose, I did as a Brother what I thought was right to avenge my beloved sister.


Kidnapping somebody’s wife surely was something very wrong I did and so I met my terrible fate at the hands of Lord Rama. Yet you burn me every year for the sins I committed over a thousand years ago. But here I ask something from not one but all.. in this letter of mine..


When will you learn to punish those who openly humiliate or let down the honour of your women? What about those who rape women of your country and are walking the streets among you? If I deserve to burn every year while my soul still feels the pain and agony of my defeat teaching me of the sins I once committed then who shall bring to justice those who have forgotten what their own saviour Lord Rama tried to teach whole of mankind? What brings you more than pollution and disease to have me burn down and go up as smoke in the air you might breathe?


If you still wish to have me burned down I shall once again be in ashes to be trampled under your feet. But as you walk your feet over my sinful existence(as you sought it to be) let your eyes watch for those you claim to love. For this world is too sinful for Lord Rama to even visit and even more treacherous to find a decent offender such as I!


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