India Shocking, A Man With Two Hearts Found

Shocking, A Man With Two Hearts Found

Nature is full of amazing and unbelievable things. A 45-year-old man from Kerala became the first person in our country to live with two beating hearts and both of them are functionally properly. Interestingly, one of the heart is of a woman. The man underwent a heart transplant after suffering from a heart failure.

Doctors connected the new heart with the old one, instead of replacing it. Now, both the hearts share the load. According to The Times Of India, a cardiothoracic surgeon at Kovai Medical Centre, Dr. Prashanth Vaijyanath said: “As part of the work-up, we found that his lung pressure and lung resistance were extremely high. In such a condition, the newly grafted heart usually fails because it will not be able to overcome the lung pressure.”

A Man With Two Hearts Found

Dr. Vaijyanath further added: “When a brain dead woman of almost the same age and his size came on Monday, we found a heart that matched his heart’s size and chose to try the third option, which is called a heterotopic transplant.”

It took three and half hours to perform this surgery and doctors connected the hearts at five places, two on the right side and three connections on the left side of the heart.

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