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A Minority Whose Women Get Raped Until They Get Pregnant

A Minority Whose Women Get Raped Until They Get Pregnant


If you are breathing freely, able to do anything and are not in anyone’s control then consider yourself lucky. Today we will tell you about some women who are living a life nothing less than a hell. These women belong to a minority in Myanmar named Kachin.

Kachin women are becoming a victim of human trafficking. They are taken across the border, sold as wives to Chinese men and raped until they become pregnant. A few of them are allowed to return home after they have given birth to a child. However, they can’t take their children with them and are forced to leave them.

One of the survivors said that, “I gave birth, and after one year the Chinese man gave me a choice of what to do. I got permission to go back home, but not with the baby.”

There is a severe gender imbalance in China prevailing since 1987. Like India and Pakistan, in China too, there is sex-selective abortion. Men or families seek for a male child, hence the reason in the declining percentage of females. Means millions of men are now unable to find a wife, and there has been a rise in trafficking across the borders of neighbouring, poorer nations.

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