Ananya Panday: I Want To Be A’Student For Life’

Ananya Pandey recently kept her views about her life. The actress said that she wants a student for the whole life.
World A Rich Man is Offering Rs 2 Crore to Anyone Who Can...

A Rich Man is Offering Rs 2 Crore to Anyone Who Can Marry His Virgin Daughter

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A 58 years old businessman in Thailand named Arnon Rodthon is making headlines for his unusual offer. He is offering 10 million Baht (Thailand’s currency) which is nearly Rs 2.19 Crore to a man who is ready to become the groom of her daughter as well as ready to settle in Thailand.

He also announced his terms, according to which the man need to manage the business and make it long lasting. He added that his daughter Karnsita Rodthong is virgin and fluently speaks English, Thai and Chinese and currently she is helping him in the business. They have Durian farms.

His terms and conditions also describe that the groom need not to have a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or a PhD. The groom should be hardworking only who can drive his business successfully.

Karnista is 26 years old and is now trending on the internet, all thanks to her father’s bizarre offer. However, she hints that her future husband might have to struggle to take out money from her father because she would “like to use it herself for plastic surgery in Korea.”

Now let’s see who will be the luckiest guy who will become her groom? Do you like to marry her?

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