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News A Selfie Cost 8 Lakh Rupees To This Lady From Chandigarh :...

A Selfie Cost 8 Lakh Rupees To This Lady From Chandigarh : Know How

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Who is not fond of taking selfies ? Well everyone except a handfull of people. Thanks to the perfect front cams mobile phones are offering these days and also thousands of apps which users can find over internet with so many fancy filters. Its just like putting additional cheese over a pan based cheese-burst pizza. And it happens that this kind of bait perfectly traps women especially.

Recently, a woman at a wedding function in Chandigarh lost a bag full of 40 grams of gold worth ₹ 8 Lakh and ₹ 1,500 in cash when she was busy clicking selfies.

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Neelam Sharma, from whom the bag was stolen, was attending the wedding function of her elder sister, when her photo-crazy activities cost her a fortune.

In the CCTV footage captured at the venue, Mohini Resorts, police found out that it was an 11-year-old boy who did away with the bag.

The police are trying to track the boy using the CCTV footage they have acquired at the venue.

Hopefully, Ms. Sharma will be more careful clicking selfies next time because no one would like a selfie to cost a whopping 8 lakh rupees.


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