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A Shocking Study Reveals That Your Nose Can Predict Your Death




Have you ever noticed, a person’s behavior before death? Prior to dying they behave like they may know something before anyone else does or they may start smelling their upcoming death. Scientists know when someone passes the body starts to break down immediately.

how to predict your own death

Source: e dimineate

Putrescine is a foul and toxic organic chemical compound NH2(CH2)4NH2 (1,4-diaminobutane or butane diamine) that are produced due to the result of decomposition of the body. Researchers realize that humans may subconsciously be able to recognize the putrefying odor.

According to the Speaking Tree, Animals can smell (inbuilt ability) the scent of other animals and then they act accordingly. This is the equivalent to sensing danger whether from a predator or stronger and bigger animal from their pack.

A study conducted by Arnaud Wisman from the University of Kent’s school of Psychology in Canterbury, UK and Ilan Shira along with the Department of Behavioral Sciences in Arkansas’ Tech University in Russellville has found that humans and animals may be more alike or might be not so different.

Putrescine also seems as a warning signal. This scent causes both conscious and subconscious reaction when humans are exposed to it.

 Your Body (Especially Nose) Know When Your Death Is Near

Source: Daily Mail

Wiseman and Shira, who conducted research said that We do not know why we like or dislike someone’s smell, and we’re usually not aware of how much scent influences our emotions, attitudes, and preferences.”

They further added: “Putrescine signals a different type of message than pheromones, but people’s responses to putrescine (avoidance and hostility) do seem indeed to be the opposite of responses to many sexual pheromones. People are not familiar with putrescine and do not consciously associate it with death or fear.”

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