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A Social Media User Calls Arpita Khan’s Son Polio-stricken, Gets a Befitting Reply




Through social media, people now appreciate and even talk with their stars. But everything in this world comes with its own pros and cons. Social media has also become a source of cyberbullying. As often celebrities get bullied by social media users and become the victim of trolls.

The latest in this category is Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan. This time its not her but her 3 years old son Ahil who became the victim of a troll. Actually, on her son’s birthday, a video of her father, Salim Khan, cutting cake on Ahil’s birthday was posted on Instagram. On which, a troll commented, “Yeh baccha poliye ka sikar lagta hay (sic).

Here’s the video:

Check out the screenshot of the comment made by a hater:

Like any other parent, it raged Arpita too and she hit back at the troller. She called such guys disgusting and said them at least spare innocent children. In May 2016, Arpita wrote an open letter which read:

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"Learn to live and let live"

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To let you know, Arpita is adopted by Saleem Khan when she was a toddler. She married Aayush Sharma in a lavish function in Hyderabad on November 18, 2014. Her son Ahil was born on March 30, 2 016.