A Star Permanently Named Sushant Singh Rajput In Universe By US-Based Fan


Fans of Sushant Singh Rajput are giving him tribute in many different ways. Some are making his paintings and some making videos for him. Now a fan of Sushant has given a big tribute to his favorite star. He has made the late actor shine in the solar system forever. Fan has bought a star which is registered on Sushant name for forever.

Everyone knows that Sushant loved Space and Science a lot. He also had a 55 lakh telescope from which he always eyed at the sky. Even he used to show the view of the Galaxy to his friends. Now one of his fans has written an emotional message that he has registered a star named Sushant. Whose details have also been shared on his Twitter handle. According to which Fan has shared the certificate, the star of RA.22.121 position has been named Sushant Singh Rajput Star. This news is going very viral on social media.

Let us tell you that Sushant Singh’s Fan Raksha has expressed her love for Sushant in this way. She is from the United States. Raksha has featured the register star named Sushant with a certificate on Twitter. She wrote – “despite being so late in appreciating his value, sushant has positively impacted my life in innumberable ways. he was an absolute gem; far too pure & precious for this dark world. i definitely would have loved to see you excitedly locate your star through that telescope of yours!”

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