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A Step Towards Transparency: Instagram Wants Social Marketers To Add Labels To Their Post

The Instagram is not only a basic social media account but also a great influencer when it comes to clothing, food, travel, beauty etc. The Instagram is responsible for setting trends, it just gives a wide platform for people who have power to influence others. But these social influencers are no more following the simple guidelines provided by the FTC. So, now this ignorance will have consequences!!!!!!!!

The Instagram is now planning to add label posts as the proof of paid promotions. This is indeed a step towards transparency in an area that has drawn attention from US authorities. The new “paid partnership with” feature will be available for both Instagram posts and Stories.

A Step Towards Transparency: Instagram Will Add Label Only To Paid Endorsements

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Instagram said in a statement, “As more and more partnerships form on Instagram, it’s important to ensure the community is able to easily recognize when someone they follow is paid to post content”. In April, the Federal Trade Commission sent more than 90 letters to all the Instagram influencers saying that they need to “clearly and conspicuously disclose their relationships to brands when promoting or endorsing products through social media.” These influencers include more than 35 celebrities and more than 40 marketing companies.


The aim of these letters was to directly tell them they need to disclose compensation for promoting products on social media. Instagram wants all the social influencers to clearly label their paid posts. As per the FTC guidelines, sponsored Instagram posts can be considered compliant in one of two ways: either a very clear caption using words like “sponsored by,” or the appending of a hashtag like #ad or #sponsored. The hashtags have to be “conspicuous,” meaning that they can’t be tacked onto the end of a long caption or series of hashtags, and they must appear without a viewer having to click “more.”

And those who fail to use the tag and to disclose the ad in some other way could still generate problems with the FTC. The FTC could take action against influencers or brands if they repeatedly violate the commission’s guidelines, and that could include fines of tens of thousands of dollars per day.



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