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A Thief Trying to Hide From Police Farted so Loudly That He Get Caught

A Thief Trying to Hide From Police Farted so Loudly That He Get Caught


A person who is a thief and additionally stupid, high chances are he/she might get caught in no time. And it is definitely not in your best interest if your body functions betray you at the most crucial moment; when you are trying to escape police. 

To let you know, in the US police use a scent-tracking device called K-9 to track thieves, culprits or criminals in case they want to track a suspect through smell. But in Missouri, the police did not require the device to track down a culprit. Why? It is because it’s the thief himself who helped them catch him.

Reportedly, Clay County Sheriff’s Office, Liberty police were looking for a suspect who had a warrant against him for the alleged possession of a controlled substance. While he was trying to hide from the police, his body betrayed him. He failed to control himself and let out a fart so loud, that it gave up his hiding spot! 

A Facebook comment from the Clay County Sheriff’s Office read, “We’ve gotta give props to Liberty PD for using their senses to sniff him out!”

Some other cases of stupidity that can make you laugh,

A similar case happened years ago in India’s Assam too, when four thieves stole an ATM cash dispenser. However, their bad luck, they weren’t aware that it was not an ATM machine but State Bank of India’s Passbook printing machine.

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In another a genius robber walked to the store with a plastic bag over half his head, constantly checking to see if the coast is clear. he was caught in CCTV cameras and later his video was uploaded to YouTube.

Here is another hilarious robbery style. A video shot by CCTV cameras showed a burglar entering a building through a window, wearing blue boxers on his face.

These thieves need to understand that it takes mind even in stealing. Heights of stupidity!

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