What? A Toy Shop in Kerela Sells ‘Taimur’ Dolls

Since the day Taimur Ali Khan was born, he is continuously stealing the show. All the eyes are on him! He is the most famous starkid and shares a celebrity status just as a superstar of Bollywood and at the age of almost 2 and that too without debuting in Bollywood. He was born on December 20, 2016. He is gaining momentum yet again, this time not for his pictures but for his soft toy.

Yes, a toy shop in Kerala is selling ‘Taimur dolls’ and has become a centre of attraction. The dolls are the replica of Taimur Ali Khan or baby Tim or prince Taimur. A Twitter user who has a verified profile has shared the picture of the doll and captioned the post, “Meanwhile at a toy store in Kerala…”

Well, we can say that this can be the best present for all the Taimur fans, who love on his pictures unconditionally. Mostly every day, the paparazzi click pictures of Taimur Ali Khan and they trend on the internet. Sometimes he is with his mommy Kareena Kapoor Khan, sometimes he is having his playtime with abba Saif Ali Khan and sometimes he is just accompanied by his nanny. And all of his pictures makes us go aww! Making him country’s favourite kid.