Ever since a man in Haryana claimed to have found bug in a packet of Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Atta Noodles, Twitter has gone fiery with a battle ensued between Baba Ramdev Bhakts and Anti-Bhakts.

Where some poeple feel that Yogic is being put iin bad light and supported him for his efforts and his Swadeshi Patanjali products. People supporting Baba Ramdev took to twitter to post tweets supporting and encouraging him for his contributions using hashtag #ProudOfRamdev.

Anyhow, ther were also those who thought Baba Ramdev has been leading the Thug Life. And soon posts with hashtag #ThugRamdev followed.

And then, as usual there were also those who took to trolling Baba Ramdev and making Twitter the ever so entertaining..

Looks like the Noodle world has gone upside down into Hot waters. And now if somebody asks you Iss Noodle Mein Kya Hai? You know what to say! 😉 😛


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