Toddlers viral video
Toddlers viral video

A video of a toddler is winning hearts on the internet, after it went viral. So lets checkout what’s the reason behind it.

There are some videos online that turn out to be a stress buster for everyone, especially when we see a cute baby giggling. And that’s what we got our hands on this time. Recently a cute video of a baby is making rounds on the Internet. The clip is of an incredibly cute toddler reacting to her daddy’s voice. And it was liked and shared by so many that it caught everyone’s attention.

What’s there in the video

The video is of a father who is trying to entertain his baby by reading in the voices of Disney characters Micky Mouse and Goofy. And in response to this. The cute little angel is giggling in the most amusing way. Till now this video has got 2 million views. Infact one of the users giving the reaction on Twitter wrote: “This adorable baby is really impressed with daddy’s awesome voices during storytime,” 

Watch the video:

Check out the other Twitter reactions below:

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