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High Life A Village Where Population of Goats is More Than People

A Village Where Population of Goats is More Than People

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This world is a beautiful place for those who are ready to explore it. You may have heard about many beautiful and bizarre places in the world. Today we will tell you about a place which is unique in its own way. Its a beautiful place in the European country Norway.

On the west-coast of Norway, there is a city named Bergen. On a 2 hours distance from Bergen, there is a village, Undredal. It is a small village yet very beautiful, all covered with nature. You will get surprised to know that, in this village, goats are more than people. Yes, you read it right. The total human population here is 110-120 whereas the goats are 500-510 in number.

The main source of native people’s income is goat cheese. Undredal is famous for the brown goat cheese (geitost) that is still produced the traditional way. Goat sausage is also produced locally. Before 1988, the main source of transportation in the village was goats only. But since then a road connection has been made. The two long tunnels were constructed to join it with European route E16 highway.

Another noticeable thing about this village is its Church. It is the smallest stave church in Northern Europe.

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