A Young Lady Who Is Fetching Attention After Tattooing Eyeballs: People Calling Her A ‘Demon’

Kierstyn Milligan

Have you heard of a woman who has tattooed her eyes also, apart from her body? If not then here’s what you need to know about this interesting young lady.

We have heard of many people who love to get inked. Well, there is nothing new in this. But what if we introduce you to a woman who was daring enough to tattoo her eyes. Isn’t that weird and equally interesting to know, that what made her do this. Here we are talking about Kierstyn Milligan a 22-year-old girl from Houston, Texas. According to the information she spent quite a good amount on her body modifications. Which is approximately around £34,000. Oh my isn’t that crazy?

But let us tell you that her desire to modify herself like this, came at a very early stage. She first time got inked at a very young age of 15. And after that, she started fetching attention. According to the New York times, Kierstyn has over 690,000 followers on TikTok. The young lady is now known to have unique looks.

Even though people have mixed reactions to it. Milligan doesn’t care much. And she is quite happy with what she did to herself. Talking to the media also she quoted saying “I always knew I wanted to look like this, I have had this vision in my head since I was young and have finally fulfilled it,” After getting tattooed in such a way people also called her. A demon. Due to her resemblance. But that doesn’t affect her much.

According to her, when people notice her eyes they either stare or give ugly looks. Some also comment saying that they hate it. However, she is now more confident and happy that people know her this way. The young lady is quite happy as compared to the looks she previously had.

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