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Same-sex Behaviour Exists in Animals Too? A Zoo Gives Gay Penguins Egg After They Fail to Hatch Stone

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This will surprise you that Homosexual behaviour exists in animals too. Yes, it is true! This may include same-sex sexual activity, courtship, affection, pair bonding, and parenting among same-sex animal pairs. A zoo in London even celebrated the Pride Month to honour the gay penguins they house. 

Meanwhile, a gay penguin couple at the Berlin Zoo, Germany is hitting the headlines after it has been trying to hatch a baby for some time now. Little did they know it wasn’t an egg but a stone. After the Zookeepers noticed their eagerness, they tried to give them a real chance to become parents. They presented the couple with an egg and the gay penguins have already begun to incubate it. 

In this video, the Zookeeper Norbert Zahmel introduces this gay penguin couple and how they have been trying to hatch a stone. He says in the video that the egg they have given to them belongs to another pair.

These are ten-year-old Royal penguins Skipper and Ping and according to Norbert were an excellent choice to be adoptive parents. If the gay penguins did manage to hatch the egg, it would be the first birth of a penguin by its adoptive parents at the zoo in over 20 years of span.

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