Infotainment Aaaand The Most Liked Pictures On Instagram Of The Year Are

Aaaand The Most Liked Pictures On Instagram Of The Year Are

Instagram recently revealed the top 5 photos of the year 2015.Kendall Jenner stole the most liked photo award.In the photo Kendall is lying down with her hair in heart shapes.The photo was an instant hit.The photo garnered a whopping 3.1 million likes!


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The next three most liked photos are of Taylor Swift.In one photo Taylor swift shows off flowers sent to her by Kanye West.


This photo liked 2.5 million times, is of Taylor Swift with her boyfriend Calvin Harris .Taylor is piggybacking DJ Calvin Harris.


In this fourth most liked photo, Again posted by Taylor Swift ,is of herself with her cat.Cuteness no?


The younger Jenner sister,Kylie has the 5th most liked photo.Kylie’s photo is of herself holding her diploma , apparently before her graduation party.




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