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Entertainment Aaliya Siddiqui Lashes Out For LEAKING A Fake Legal Notice Of Her...

Aaliya Siddiqui Lashes Out For LEAKING A Fake Legal Notice Of Her Demands

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Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife Alia Siddiqui aka Anjana Kishore Pandey has accused the Nawaz’s PR team leaking legal notice of their divorce. However, she has termed this notice as fake and has herself warned to disclose the entire real notice. The leaked notice says that Alia has demanded Rs 30 crore and 4 BHK flat as some allowance from Nawaz. Along with this, 2 fixed deposits of Rs 20 crores have also been demanded both children.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui's Wife

Alia says: “I am now receiving calls from Media who are putting speculative questions to gain information. JOURNALISTS please note that since last 10 years, I have kept silent to protect the public name & image of Nawaz. I will maintain silence till i am forced to break it by Nawaz himself.”

Nawazuddin Siddiqui's Wife

She adds: “Everyone please note that unless I have personally admitted or denied any claim or allegation on my twitter handle, the said allegations/claims made by any section of media is not maintainable.”

Alia further says: “As an obvious “fabricated notice” is being circulated to Media Houses “as a part of PR exercise”. I therefore request all media houses & journalists to refrain from using any part or portion of such fabricated notice OR even relying on the same to carry any story concerning me.”

Alia, who has sent divorce notice to Nawaz twice, has accused him and his family of physical and mental torture in an interview.

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