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Entertainment Did You Know Once Aamir Khan Actor Begged For Clothes From His...

Did You Know Once Aamir Khan Actor Begged For Clothes From His Crew Member?

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Aamir Khan is called as Mr. Perfectionist and it seems he does justice to his title. Might be many of his filmmaking habits become a headache for many directors, but he goes too far to make his role look realistic. Today we like to share one such incident from his super hit film.

bad habits of aamir khan

Today, every actor is so conscious about how does he look on the screen. Actors hire various costume designers for this job get done. If a hero has to play a role of even a poor, the clothes are getting designed by the costume designers. But Aamir Khan is a bit different. He is way out of the league.

For the film Rangeela, he asked to his one of the crew members to give his clothes that included a handkerchief, cap along with clothes. He literally begged for it. He didn’t start the shoot for the film until he got all that stuff.

He had to play a role of a Tapori in the film. For that Aamir started asking for clothes from everyone. Ultimately, his crew member gave his clothes to him. His core dedication shocked everyone on the sets of the film Rangeela including the director Ram Gopal Verma. The film was a blockbuster.

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