‘It Was Utterly Painful to Break 16 Years Old Marriage, Felt Shattered’ Says Superstar Aamir Khan

Recently Aamir Khan appeared on the famous chat show Koffee With Karan as a guest. Meanwhile, he shared many secrets about his personal life. Like when Karan asked him, have you cheated on someone or ever did two-timing? Aamir Khan agrees with it! hence, he didn’t reveal the names.

He also agreed on that he lies with his wife as often. Karan also asked him that if he ever used his stardom to escape a tricky situation? He replied no. He further asked Aamir that had he ever slept while watching the film of his contemporaries? Aamir replied yes.

Aamir also talked about his first wife Reena Dutta. He told that his marriage survived for 16 years with Reena. When the two decided to get divorced, it was very painful for both to break the relation. However, their families also suffered a trauma because of that. But somehow they managed to get the things right with time.

Aamir also confessed that, although his relation with Reena got broke but his love and respect for her never faded. Aamir said that Reena is a great human being and she thought it was the best time of her life that she spent with him.