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Aamir Khan Gains Weight For Hefty New Look In Dangal

Aamir Khan in Ghajini Source: Google

Aamir Khan as known for his ‘Perfectionist’ attitude and the iconic roles in movies like ‘Mangal Pandey’, ‘Ghajini’ and ‘Pk’ is now gearing up for his new role as a wrestler in an upcoming flick ‘Dangal’.

Aamir Khan’s New Look for Dangal Source: Google

Aamir Khan has gained a lot of weight, a whopping 30kgs for a new hefty look of a wrestler, which is now posing serious health issues for the actor.

Source: Google

Aamir who is currently shooting in Ludhiana for Dangal is facing serious breathing problems due to the sudden increase in his weight. He is also said to be facing problem in walking with his new big stature and body.

However, Mr. Perfectionist is enduring all he can and does not want the look of the character in the movie compromised in any way possible.

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