Why P*rn Movies Are Called As Blue Films In India

India is very forefront in the matter of searching p*rn online and this truth is not hidden from anyone. Now if we...

Aamir Khan Gets His Payment Only After All The Cast And Crew of a Film From Makers to Spotboy Get Paid

Aamir Khan says whenever a film gets flop, it is he who suffers a lot. The reason behind this is – he takes 80% share from the film’s profit that he gets paid in the end. He also said that he has ‘cried for his films that did not perform well. The 53 years old actor says,

“I want to go with my conviction while making a film and if there is a loss, I will mourn that also. I cry when my films don’t work.”

He revealed that people think as often that he gets more profit from his films than other. But it is not like that as according to him he gets his payment after all the cast and crew of a film from makers to spotboy get paid. He shares his thoughts on filmmaking, he said,

“I often get the credit… It is a coincidence to a certain extent that my films have been successful. The fact is that the story is written by a writer and then has grown organically.¬†Filmmaking is a collaborative process and if any aspect — be it the script, casting, location, sound design, editing or marketing — fails, it will not work. For a film to be successful, it is important to hit the ball in the centre.”

Aamir has also revealed that his little son Azad starts crying while watching his films.

“He gets scared when he watches a film of mine. In PK, he saw people hitting me and he started crying and had to be taken out of the screening.”

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